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英语一到五小题求解 速度谢谢

1, promised that 2, make a promise

1.would rather not live 2.provided with 3.prefers to to get 5.When will~be 以上,请参考

1kissed;2husband;3couple;4society;5wealth; 6moving;7unlike;8overcame;9possibly;10combs; 11poets;12for;13in;14lived;15off

You taught me everything And everything you've given me I'll always keep it inside 。 You're the driving force in my life 你教会了我所有东西 你给予我的一切我都会牢记在心里 你是指引我前进的力量 不够我再加点

1 right 2 d writing 3 c to say 4 different 5 make better



你说话的声音太小了。 ① Your voice is too quiet ② Your voice is too soft ③ Your voice is too weak ④ Your voice is too low ⑤ Your voice is too small ⑥ Your voice is too tiny 这些都是正确的。另外一点就是 ③ 除了表示声音太轻太小以外...


单词录音只有压缩版的, 没有未压缩的. 【人教版新课标高中英语必修1-5单词录音.rar】的下载地址如下: 链接: 密码: 4ixd 注:这是压缩文件,需解压成mp3格式才能播放。 如你非要不用解压的, 那你自己到这个文件...

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