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用英语 (你真诚的)怎么写?

Yours sincerely 不过如果你是用在商业信函的结尾,那么认识的人用: Yours sincerely, 不认识的人用:Yours faithfully

你真诚的朋友,两个词语是: yours faithfully; sincerely yours 一般用在信件的结尾。

在你信的最后一行后面空一行, 然后在下一行的右侧就像汉语中写信那样的地方,写上 yours sincerely,或者 yours faithfully, 然后下一行,在这两个词的下面写上学生的名字。

用coming因为look forward to后接动名词形式(即ing形式)


You are really sincere and genuine to others, full of human touch/ the milk of human kindness/human nature. the milk of human kindness 释义:n. 人情味 n. This is what we call human touch or human nature. n. 这就是我们所谓的人情...

Even though I may not be your side ,I will also send my sincere wishes to you . I make a promise that I am sure to see you . 祝学习进步,天天快乐!满意请采纳!谢谢!:)

Best wishes for you.

I sincerely hope to get your approval 我 真诚地 希望 得到 你的 批准or同意 ~

All the colleagues in the hotel with sincere service 酒店全体同仁以真诚的服务 are looking forward to your visit/arrival ! 期待您的光临 欢迎莅临碧辉园酒店网站,我谨代表酒店全体同仁对阁下的到来表示衷心的感谢! Welcome to Biforyo ...

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