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It'DoEsn't mAttEr 和 Not At All 的区别

it doesn't matter 是指别介意,你向别人道歉,别人让你别放在心上 you're welcome 是指没关系,你向别人道谢,别人认为这只是举手之劳,让你别客气 Not at all 也是指没关系,既可以是别人向你道谢也可以是道歉

It does not matter 是用来回应别人的道歉比如: I'm sorry. 回答:It does not matter. Not at all 是用来回应别人的感谢,比如: Thank you! 回答:Not at all

It does not matter是用来回应别人的道歉比如:I'm sorry。 回答It does not matter。而 Not at all 是用来回应别人的感谢比如Thank you 。 回答:和Not at all

it doesn't matter 是指别介意,你向别人道歉,别人让你别放在心上。you're welcome 是指没关系,你向别人道谢,别人认为这只是举手之劳,让你别客气 Not at all 也是指没关系,既可以是别人向你道谢也可以是道歉。两个词组不一样,而且区别很大.Not at...

That's all right is more like accepting the fact, it doesn't matter means you don't care. Example Like if you want to give gifts to your friend's birthday, they can say "that's all right, you don't have to get anything". If you...

1. A: I am sorry for coming late. B: Don't be sorry. It's not you fault. I know that there is a traffic jam in this morning. 2. A: Is it okay with you if I borrow this book? B: Yes, it's OK with me. 3. A: If you don't mind I wi...

一点也不值得 一点都没关系 尽管如此我还是谢谢你 但我不会再那么做了

似乎有一个单词错了,应该是hate吧? 然后翻译是:你恨我没关系,我一点也不介意。我活着不是为了取悦你。

No matter. It doesn't matter It's nothing Nevermind That's OK Not at all

你好,同学,才看到你向我发来的求助题,现在为你解答。 答案:B. Not at all. 一点也不。(不客气。) 解析:You are right. 你是对的。 It doesn't matter. 没关系。 That's right. 那是对的。 以上三个都与题意不符。 只有Not at all. 没什么...

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