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There is no difference, both have exact same meaning, both are slang for urine/urinate. Both can be used as a noun (urine) or as a verb (urinate). The only slight difference is that 'pee' is slightly more polite than 'piss'.

pee是小孩子说的 piss是俚语,市井说的 有文化一点人说urinate,或者go to the bathroom什么的

piss sb. off 有时被视为粗俗语,是“使发怒、激怒、使生气、使厌烦”(To annoy, anger)的意思. 例如: - What really pisses me off about my job is that I have to get up at six o'clock. - I 'll warn you guys right now. This game is rea...

piss sb off 惹某人生气。其被动时态在口语中常用,be pissed off ,表示“发怒了”、“发火了”。 如: Don't make noise when he is reading.It will piss him off . 别在他看书的时候吵闹,那会惹火他的。 He was pissed off . 他发火了。


piss off的意思是“滚开,滚蛋”的意思,实际上此词是表示“生气,不高兴”的意思,与angry同意。 例子:Man,is that guy pissed of ?(哎呀,那家伙真的生气了) freak out的意思是大发脾气 freak: n.怪诞的思想、行动或事件, 畸形人, 畸形的动物...

就是“小便”的意思。 其实你要是 gentle 一点,可以说“I want to go to restroom”。

这是俚语 下面供参考 Origin: Sailors who had had plenty to drink were in this condition. The vinegar may refer to the acidic form that cheap alcohol adopts when drunk, or it may be the vinegar that sailors drank to ward off scur...

take the piss out of the whole thing.中文译作:搞笑的事。句中piss为名词,意思是:小便。例如: 1. He was fully clothed and covered in puke and piss. 他浑身都是污物。 2. to go for a piss 去撒尿

piss off [英][pis ɔf][美][pɪs ɔf] 滚开,使厌烦,使生气; 例句: 1. His answers will surprise many people and piss off the rest. 他的答案会震惊一些人,同时激怒另外一些人。 2. I'm taking him homeand I'm having him, n...

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